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billiejoe2014's picture

Yeeaahhh!!! I don't believe that I'll have the opportunity to watch them personally!! I already bought my tickets (a little expensive but it was worth! ^^)

I'm so nervous, anxious and happy at the same time!!! Come on May,13 !! Come on Rise against and make us crazy!!

I have sure that the Rise Against's  concert will be one of the best ones!!!

Congratulations guys, see you soon! =]

Js_Bandicoot's picture

You're not only the best band of the world but you're a family for us,  15 years  and counting, We were so happy when maximus festival announced you're coming to South America, but  turns out that it was impossible to get tickets from here, so frustrating. Now our only hope is that you visit Colombia before or after Brazil...It would be a dream becoming true, just think about it please. Thank you so much for all the amazing music, for me is just what I need for stand up and fight everyday.