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#Repost @givemeink ・・・ A year ago today, I went to Rock the Park in London, and brought this giant sign that I'd made, and on one side I had drawn the heartfist and written "Rise Against, thank you for everything!" and on the other side, I had written "Let me play Hero of War!!" Due to an amazing set of coincidences, such as a barricade in the festival breaking (resulting in the show having to slow down), and Tim coming out to entertain the crowd until it was fixed, he ended up seeing my sign, and when Joe backed me up, Tim brought me onstage and we played the song after a slight mishap with tuning. This was without a doubt the best day of my life. I got to meet my favourite band in the world, and play one of my favourite songs with the man who wrote it. @riseagainst, thank you for everything. You guys are the best.



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