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Repost from Rolling Stone ・・・ "I was asked to shoot the very first Rock in Rio USA in Las Vegas and weekend one was the 'Rock Weekend.' #RiseAgainst gave one of the most energetic and visual performances. A highlight of any music festival is when an artist interacts with the fans; when #TimMcIlrath jumped all the way down into the pit, there must have been 20 or more photographers down there. I was luckily just close enough to get these shots. I had my arm extended fully out over the crowd and the camera pointed backwards to get this one. The Rise Against set was at dusk so the sky also made for a great backdrop. As a concert photographer you look for those moments where a few key elements all align, and this was one of those moments." As told to @RollingStone by photographer @erikkabik #RockInRioUSA #RockInRio



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