Our brand new album WOLVES is out today! Pick up your copy right now at: https://RiseAgainst.lnk.to/WolvesAlbum.



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Op3thian's picture

Just saw you guys at the Pepsi Center in Denver..  what in the WORLD was up with your sound??? Was bad..  it was like an entire mixing board channel was out or WAY too low or something.. couldn't hear one of the guitars very well and would get lost part Way into almost every song..  was really strange.. Thrice sounded amazing and Deftones kicked major ass, and then you guys seemed spot on but sound system was messed up..  disappointed and at least 4 other people I know that were there all said the same exact thing..   just a heads up..  fire your sound guy 

vanessa.zanini's picture

Today my package from kingsroad arrived at my home in switzerland and im very excited about the vest, pin, cd and Lithograph. Im very happy with these things. But im very sad that my Lithograph arrived broken. 

Greetings from switzerland