Whereabouts Unknown

We wish we could bring all our fans on the road with us, to take them with from city to city and see what an amazing global community they are all a part of. To help show you what we mean, we bring you WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN, a photo book created in collaboration with Rob Fenn. 

Pre-order now and you'll also receive a limited-edition canvas print: smarturl.it/WhereaboutsUnknown.



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karemgarcia2's picture

I am very upset and frustrated. I preordered the book as soon as I received the email back in May. I received my confirmation and money was withdrawn. I haven’t received my book. I emailed Rob Fenn’s store several times: no answer. I called and no answer as well. All I want is the product I paid for or some answers. Can someone direct me in the right direction? I know this has nothing to do with Rise Against personally, I love you guys and all that you stand for. Still a huge fan!!

rob's picture

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your order. Can you get me your order # and I'll track it down for you. All the best, Rob