New Shows - London + Berlin

EUROPE - Come celebrate the forthcoming release of WOLVES with us at 2 very intimate shows in London + Berlin. Tickets for both dates go on-sale this Friday at 10am local time. Pre-order WOLVES from our online store before TUESDAY 9th May at 4pm BST to receive access to the pre-sale:  

29 May – Berlin, DE at SO36 

02 Jun – London, UK at The Garage



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Rich_Lucas's picture

anyone who was disappointed about the garage gig, keep an eye out during reading fest, its the weekend after pukkelpop and they've been playing a load of euro fests this summer, so entirely feasible for them to stop off to play an extra "secret" set. If they do its probably not going to be advertised for contractual reasons

rachaelapps's picture

Really happy to be going to London show but REALLY disappointed that I've had to spend so much money via secondary ticket outlet to do so. I feel bands should take a stand against people profiteering from genuine fans. Both those who bought the tickets just to sell them on and the extortionate charges the outlets put on top. 

ItsAlfBoii's picture

The way this has been handled is poor. Paid £20 (£12 excluding VAT and shipping fees) for the album in the hope of getting London tickets in the pre-sale. No information was given to us regarding the pre-sale and I only found out yesterday evening that the pre-sale was ACTUALLY on two other secondary sites (LiveNation and O2 Priority I believe), in which you didn't need to pre-order the album at all. Again, no information. It states above that general sale will begin at '10am LOCAL TIME'. Now, considering Berlin and London are in two different time zones, I took the assumption that it would be at 10am BST, when in fact it was 10am CEST. No clarification whatsoever. Missed out on Rise Against tickets after not seeing them since 2014. Annoyed and angry right now.

cartmell52's picture

Same as the other London posts. This will be the first time I will miss out on  RA in London. Tickets were on sale on the secondary sites yesterday at vastly inflated prices. Someone needs to sort it out!

rachaelapps's picture

Currently over £100. Stupidly I got carried away and paid slightly less yesterday but after I thought what I'd done I was physically shaking as I couldn't believe how much I paid - I'm working for minimum wage and it all totalled to 2 weeks wages. I remember Crass and the labels on their records about the amount that should be paid to prevent fan exploitation!!