Bass Player Magazine Contest

Rise has teamed up with Bass Player Magazine & Fender to offer one lucky fan the chance to win Joe’s bass from the Mourning In Amerika Tour!




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Jonata_GF's picture

Certainly the bass is one of the instruments that stand out most within the bands of hardcore, sometimes with instrumental sound and sometimes with incredible weight of the lows of Joe Princepe and its lines always killing.

One of the tracks that drove me crazy with bass lines as soon as I heard the first albums of Rise Against in 2005 was The Unraveling's "1000 Good Intentions", it was not just a low score within the chords, but if it's becoming present inside of the music, and just like in other songs always marking the bass sound. The bass is the identity of Rise Against, which sets him apart from other bands.

Eu sou baixista desde 2004, o estilo que eu interpreto e sempre me inspirou foi o hard core. Eu adoraria ser presenteado com esse belo baixo de Joe, para mim será muito loko e ao mesmo tempo uma honra ter um instrumento de baixista com tanta personalidade em seus baixos.

youreatardis's picture

If it was possible for me to learn to play bass (shoulder injuries), I would have loved to have this.  I've been trying to learn to play your music through audio software manipulation.  I hope to one day help people with PTSD, addiction, and/or learning disabilities through music.  If you ever decide to give away bass recording tracks, count me in!  Thanks for the inspiration and everything you do!


Pieter_Vynckier's picture

I'm from Belgium and i love Rise Against music. I saw there 5 latest concerts in my country and i hope that there will come a few more. 

I have 4 plectrums and 1 drum stick from the band but I hope to collect this bass also. 

I would like to thank you guys for the amazing music! Keep up the good work!


Kind regards,

Pieter Vynckier