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Hi guys, Im Dan. 

Seeing my first RA show with my boyfriend this Thursday. 

He's been to over 10 shows and Make It Stop (Septembers Children) helped give him courage to come out. He even played guitar and sang Swing Life Away to me on one our first dates. 

Just wanted to say thanks for making him so happy and being such a big part of his life, cuz he'd never say it himself haha 

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Hi guys,

yesterday on my way to work I listened to your song „Tragedy + Time“ and remembered how that somehow saved me from going nuts at the time „The Black Market“ was released.

After six years I had found out that the guy, I was having sort of a relationship with, didn’t exist (It was a friend of mine, pretending to be that person and even his family and friends. A catfish.). Half a year afterwards my dad died of cancer and nearly everthing in my life collapsed.

The first few times I heard the song I was crying my heart out. But after a while I was able to listen tot he lyrics and thought „Hey, they are right. Everything’s hi tat the moment but it’s getting better. It has to“ .

So basically I wanted to thank you for that song.

I went to your concert in Hamburg and had a lot of fun there as well. I definitly will go see you guys when your coming back in the future. Thanks for that as well! You’re doing a great job!

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I just recently purchased a vinyl copy of your album The Black Market and was very disappointed to find out that the digital version had expired. I was wondering what if anything was possible for me to obtain it? Thanks, huge fan.

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Hi guys, my girlfriend Diana and I watch your show on 17th nov. in Düsseldorf. I have a great request: This day is Diana‘s Birthday and it was her big wish to spend the day at your concert. So it would be absolutely incredible if you would congrate her and maybe play „swing life away“, because this song is very important for us and it would be so significantly and great honor for us. Thank you very much! Patricia

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Excellent band pair up! Looking forward to getting to hear more songs from both of them since they don't have to share the show time with a whole bunch of bands. Will be my first Rise Against show!