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Well life went to shit. lost my job, lost my fiance, watching my family implode with problems. Was at my local drinking hole, climbing into a bottle trying to use it as a way out, then i hurd the song  "Make it stop"  it changed me. went out. bought all the albums. I listen to your songs all day, and now i stand with my head held high, my heart on my sleeve and a fire in my soul that no one can put out. Thank you. You saved me! If i could have one request from you, it would be to come do a show in South Africa, i will be in the front with my fist in the air.

Thank you

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anyone who was disappointed about the garage gig, keep an eye out during reading fest, its the weekend after pukkelpop and they've been playing a load of euro fests this summer, so entirely feasible for them to stop off to play an extra "secret" set. If they do its probably not going to be advertised for contractual reasons

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I had the incredible honor of meeting Rise Against at a show years ago, where they also autographed a guitar for me (I had won a contest to get the tickets and guitar—pretty sweet!). 

I've since given up on playing the guitar and am trying to invest more into my music photography. If anyone on here is interested in buying an incredible, top-of-the-line Gibson SG-3 Custom autographed by Rise Against, let me know and we can get in contact. 

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Would love to see you guys at the Bangor, ME waterfront at some point! we've had a lot of different types of music here lately (disturbed, Blink 182, etc) for a state that almost never gets anything but country.  It would be great to see you guys!!