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How do you get in touch with the band or a manager or something. 

I have a request that id like to ask of someone who can contact them.

My girlfriend looooves you guys and she turns 30 next year. I know this is a lot in advance but i guess i will have to fight for it.

I would so much appreciate it if the band could record a congratulations video for her on her birthday.

Can someone please contact me if this is at all possible!

Thank you so much for your time!


Martin :)

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Hey Guys, can you please come to PR and give a concert? I am a huge fan of yours ever since i was in middle school. I started listeing to you guys and you helped me alot. You gave me motivation to play guitar, and try to do covers from your songs, help others in any way i can  and opened my eyes in many ways of whats around me, infact thanks to you guys i want to make a change, so i decided to study education and help our younger generarion move foward. In our country education is in a downfall, schools are closing, teachers leaving the country, low budgets, and what happened recently with hurricane Maria, alot of schools are still left behind and kids didn't even finished the semester, so here i am doing this for them. Im almost done and i decided to take a minor  in special education, just to give an extra hand since we have very low teachers here on that field.

I know i have said alot of things that might not be enough. But this is one of my dreams ever since you guys got to my life. Be able to just see u in stage, playing any song at all! I will enjoy them. But if you guys cant come here or anything at all, atleast let me know you got this message and reply, please i will appreciate it very much. I was trying to find a way to do this but i wanted to send a letter or a personal email. But i found this and i took the opportunity to write this to you. Thank you for everything, i appreciate everytime i listen to you guys. Keep doing what you do best! Again thanks and sorry for the long post.

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You've been my favorite band for the past 13 years. And to be honest, no words can explain how important your music has been for me throughout the years. I really hope you guys come to Finland this year! Last year I had to travel to Sweden for your gig in Stockholm, but it was absolutely worth it! I guess I'll just have to do that again if you don't come to Finland ;)

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Why was Arizona's venue changed from the Mesa Amphitheatre to the smaller Marquee Theatre in Tempe? Although you guys have rocked both venues in the passed, Marquee being several years ago, maybe back in 09/10, your guys' popularity has risen dramatically. I'm assuming tickets have been sold at a quantity relative to Mesa Amphitheatre's nearly 5,000 capacity as oppose to the Marquee's 2,500 capacity. Marquee Will be too packed, too hot; Mesa Amp is perfect, outside in the cool Arizona winter weather. I doubt anything can reverse it back..just wanted to give my two cents.

PS: Yes, I am grateful that you guys are coming back to AZ, especially considering you guys were just here with Deftones in the summer. I'll be rockin out where ever ya'll play! Cheers!