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Thank you again RA for 15 years of motivation, can’t wait to see you guys at echo beach with my other favourite band afi, on my birthday!!! That is a sign if I have ever seen one 

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I don’t know about you but the release of megaphone and broadcast signal frequency have pushed emotions in me  and not just any emotions, emotions of repentance, free will and logic . Being an avid listener and believer of rise against, those two songs that were released, were released at the proper time. Our world and Amerika have never been worse. Trump is almost dubbed americas first fascist and this world still hasn’t put our foot down. I know these two songs definenitly kicked me in my ass and said make a change, we are the voice , we are the solution, we are the weapon. Say something, speak out you are not alone, we are the megaphone.  Thank you again rise against for reaching into the heart of me and doing what you do best ,showing me to stand up for my rights and speak what’s important to me. Over 15 years of influencing myself with the potent sound of rise against, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the man I am today if rise  against never slapped the brainwashed shit that our media injection into our heads, out of mine.

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Hey guys, I dont know if this gets attention, its rather a small problem^^ so on Nova Rock Festival I bought your tour shirt, but its too small for me, I need a medium one. Any chance that I can buy this, because currently its not available at the store?....