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please, please, PLEASE, come back :( I couldn't make it that year and I'm a big fan of yours since I was 13 years old (i'm 25 now). Every time I remember that you were here last year, I feel my heart breaking up. Please consider coming back to Santiago so we (all the fans) can just die in peace. (I know it sound like too much but I really mean it, I'm such a fan) You'll probably never see this post but in case you do: COME BACK!

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Man my top fav band rise against and 2nd fav aid are together and not coming to is :( I would have a slim chance of being able to go anyway. I grew up on rise against and my big bro always tried to get me to a ra concert but couldn’t. I did get to go to linkin Park and flogging molly though.

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I went to buy tickets to your show in Calgary on ticketmaster, $230 a person:( my daughter who has been raised on your music is a big fan. Something we get to share togeather. At that price, it’s not possible. Can’t swing life away at $460 dollars for a mom and a kid to see a show. So sad right now:( 

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Is there any opportunity in which one can meet the band(when you guys come to Nashville), Please?  You are all such an incredible bunch of people and I would just love to meet you all!  You've inspired me in my own life so much I wish I could tell you in person. 

  I suppose that is the request of every fan though but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. It's definitely worth a shot for me.  ♡