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Marriage Proposal @ São Paulo,BR Show

My name is Alissa and you guys are my boyfriends favorite band ever since he was a kid. This is the first time he will be seeing a live show & it will be on his birthday. We have schedules for him to get a tattoo of the logo a bit before the show and to top it off i wanted your help to get on stage and propose. Make it one of the most special days of his life. We have known eachother for 6 years and he was my high school crush. Life happened and we only got together last year on the Brazilian valentines day and have been living together ever since. It would mean to world to me and especially him that after the rough year we've had with his family splitting up and loosing everything, spending days with no cash for food, that we make 2017 a better year with more promises, and a hopeful "i do". Thanks!!

This is my email:

Please please please help me out

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Yeeaahhh!!! I don't believe that I'll have the opportunity to watch them personally!! I already bought my tickets (a little expensive but it was worth! ^^)

I'm so nervous, anxious and happy at the same time!!! Come on May,13 !! Come on Rise against and make us crazy!!

I have sure that the Rise Against's  concert will be one of the best ones!!!

Congratulations guys, see you soon! =]

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I have no idea how to go about actually getting in contact with someone who can help, so here goes.

I'm starting a project to help people in my profession with mental health issues. I want to use some of Rise Againsts music in a video I want to make and need to figure out how to go about doing that.

I'm not in entertainment at all and have zero contacts or ways of accomplishing this. I'm sure this is the absolute worst place to start, but I have to try.

If anyone actually checks this board for the band or agents or whatever, that would be awesome, please get back to me!

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Do you have any plans for any solo tours?  I just can't go from seeing you at RiotFest and the Fillmore to assigned seating at the pepsi center *vomit emoji*.  The GA tickets for your Denver show sold out in like a day.  I mean it's great that so many people will get to enjoy your music and the deftones are cool but please consider doing some smaller solo shows so your fans can see you without being constrained in a seat a million miles away.