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I haven't written in a while. But I'm 60 and love this band. I came from Rock and Roll. Dad played guitar and Mom sang.. My cousin had a studio. Many stars from 50's -70's. He wrote and produced The Four Seasons. Also that annoying somg "Lady Marmalade". Every lousy top 10 have redone it or its in over 500 movies.

     I saw Zep 11 times, ELP 6 times and numerous bands that were amazing at their PRIME! I love this band and can put them with those great bands. My car is dead. I live on nothing , have taken TP from gas stations!  BUT I do anything to get their music.. You can be hungry, broke..Disabled and sick. AS LONG AS YOU'VE GOT GREAT MUSIC...You have life! Love you guys. Keep it up!

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I'm from Belgium and i love Rise Against music. I saw there 5 latest concerts in my country and i hope that there will come a few more. 

I have 4 plectrums and 1 drum stick from the band but I hope to collect this bass also. 

I would like to thank you guys for the amazing music! Keep up the good work!


Kind regards,

Pieter Vynckier

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Hello folks, I´m new here - subscribed a few minutes ago. I´ve read a few posts and now I´m wondering, if this place is only for talking music or also for exchanging ideas of what really annoys or troubles you and for giving some advice how to change it? I mean: What are you rising against?

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