The punk band Pussy Riot has sentenced to 2 years in prison for hooliganism. We're not sure what hooliganism is but we demand more of it, immediately.

 Then check out Kathleen Hanna's (feminist icon and member of the Bikini Kill/Le Tigre) thoughts on why we are all Pussy Riot. 

As Rise Against prepares for our return to Arizona and our FLORENCE PROJECT benefit show, we are excited to see these two specific efforts to finally start pushing for meaningful immigration reform in America. 

 We recognize the halting of DREAMERS deportations as a victory and a step in the right direction. The Dept. of Homeland Security issued a directive under which individuals who demonstrate that they meet the following criteria will be eligible for deferred action on a case-by-case basis:

"We scream for change and all they hear is treason." -Rise Against (Behind Closed Doors)

Our parents generation weathered dark days during the Red Scare, when Communism was the convenient label you put on those you disagreed with in order to persecute them.  As more stories like the two below surface, it appears our generation will be tasked with weathering the Green Scare: the government attempts to redefine environmentalists and activists as terrorists. 

FBI Domestic Training Targets
The right wing is out to dismantle unions in Wisconsin because by doing so they can also dismantle any competition in future elections. As a puppet for corporations and wealthy out-of-state donors, Scott Walker is out to balance the budget on the backs of the working class. Don't fall for the bait WI.
We wrote the song Make It Stop (September's Children) to address a wave of gay teen suicides in America and to address homophobic behavior and bullying in our scene. The story continues on our recent trip to Russia where we learned about anti-gay legislation in St. Petersburg. Recently passed laws aim to punish same-sex relations and make life even harder for the gay community in Russia. 

Meanwhile, in Iraq, the bodies of at least 14 young men (and more likely many more) perceived to be gay or
Check out this video to see how the right wing plans to win the next election. If you can't win playing fair, try cheating. American fought hard for voter rights, stripping them back flys in the face of that progress.
The Occupy movement remains organic, non-violent, and growing worldwide. Events are happening daily from Los Angeles to London and beyond. It continues to create a dialogue, here's four highlights from that dialogue:

Graffiti artist Saber creates an unofficiaOccupy Flag

2) 13 points about the Occupation by Limony Snicket 

3) Click here for a video on why some people are saying I AM NOT MOVING

4)  Does the movement still need explaining? Click here if you are asking Why Occupy? 
As the Occupy Wall St. numbers multiply and their voice becomes louder, the American people are finally starting to have a long overdue conversation about our broken financial system and its often too close and comfortable relationship with a goverment that is supposed to be keeping them in check. Wondering what its all about ? Here are some recent, quick highlights of this growing conversation:

-In less than a minute 
@AlanGrayson explains what #occupywallstreet is all about:
"Would God bless an ineffective court system?" -Rise Against 'Blood-Red, White & Blue'

This week, Troy Davis was executed. Despite the lack of physical evidence, despite the recantations by seven of nine eyewitnesses, and despite a global campaign by more than a million people insisting there was simply too much doubt, Georgia put this man to death.

The death penalty is a flawed system that many US states have already abolished because of cases just like this. 

So today, I'm signing Amnesty
If you wore black t-shirts, ripped-up jeans, or had long hair and listened to metal/punk music in the 90s, sometimes you got harassed. And sometimes you got put away for 18 years on false murder charges.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  -Margaret Mead

 Two articles that explain why the commercial boycott of Arizona is making a difference: Arizona Central Talk to the Soundstrike Our Boycott IS Making A Difference  

America has dealt with the world's number one terrorist, and yet our troops are still in Afghanistan and our wallets are still being drained. It's time to RETHINK AFGHANISTAN . How much did you pay for war this year ? Click here to find out.